Best affordable sound card to get for musicproduction and recording.

January 28th, 2010 + 10:01 AM  ·  rocknje

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy a good affordable sound card so I can produce and record. I need a sound card that I can hook up my Rokit 5 monitors to it, my synthesizer, Mic and Guitar. I am using FL Studio as my DAW.

I was thinking of the M-audio Audiophile 192. Does anyone object to this? Any recommendations.

My budget would be under $200. If needed I will wait and save up for something a little bit more.

I am running a PC Windows 7 machine. 8GB of Ram, 1tb of hard drive space.

I also own, but never used it a Behringer XenyX 502 mixer. I bought this to fix a problem I had a year ago, but didn't return it in time. It has a premium 5-input 2-bus mixer with mic preamp and british eq. Does this do what I need? Is this anygood to use?

Thank you for your help.


Best computer components for music production

June 28th, 2009 + 1:06 PM  ·  rocknje

Hello everyone,

I am planning on building a new computer specifically for music production. Any advice on what to get so I can produce music with out any problems?

One problem I do have with my computer now is when I have a pad playing, my computer gets bogged down, crashes or plays at a very slow rate and starts crackling etc.

What Motherboard, CPU, Sound card, Video Card Etc. do you think I should buy to get the results I need?

Thank you very much for your time.
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Sytrus etc. sound design, What is your thought process...

April 6th, 2009 + 11:04 AM  ·  rocknje

Hello everyone,

As of right now I am using FL Studio-Sytrus as my primary instrument and trying to master it. If you don't use Sytrus, your examples of other instruments would help too. To get it out of they way here, I have done some tutorials, like Blackhole, but if you know of others that I haven't checked out yet then please tell.

I do have an understanding or a basic understanding on Synth creation, but when I look at the presets that Sytrus has, I wonder, what were they thinking when they did that?, Why they added that filter there?, or Why they added that envelope there?

What is your thought process when you are making sounds for your scores or when you are just playing with a instrument to come up with a sound? How do you decide on the parts of the synth to create that sound?

As for study sake and feel free to use another preset or other example if U like. Here is one in Sytrus, it is digi 2 located in the Synth string category.....This goes back to my questions above. Why did this person decide on using all those Operators, how do you know when you should? I will leave it at that for now.

Thank you all for your time and assistance.

What Song Structure do you use in dance music? Need help!

February 3rd, 2009 + 10:02 AM  ·  rocknje


Sorry if this gets a little tedious or in the right section. I am little bit above a beginner when it comes to electronic music production. I use FL Studio as my DAW and I am trying to make dance music...Trance being one of them. I have done many kinds of research and study, but I still need clarification on a few things.

I have found tutorials, example project files and listened to other producers music to try to see how they do it and I understand to a point, but when I try to compare the structure that they did to what info I found, I get confused.

From the research that I did, I understand that even though their are structures out there, it is up to you on how you want the song to go, but for beginners I feel that a structure is a good thing until you learn the trade.

Example of a few structures I found.

1. Intro, First Body, Drop/Break, 2nd Body, 2nd Drop/Break, The Reprise, Main Body. Outro
2. Intro, Break, Motif and Build, Central Break and Build, Plateau and Build, Build to Climax, Theme and Climax,
Comedown, Outro

The intro, breaks and outros I understand, but it is the other parts of the structures I need some clarification. Here is one thing. Do you normally stick with a 16 bar intro? can you do an 8 bar?

So here is the questions...Do you follow anything like these structures? Could any one explain a little further on what a climax is? Body is? Reprise? Main Body? Do you guys follow a 8 bar, 16 bar etc rule when it comes down to arranging your song parts? Is it wrong to do a 4 bar?

Can you explain further what is a Motif? Riff? Lead? Do you make your Melody first? If so, do you make the melody in 8 bars? Is it wrong to have a 4 bar melody?

I have noticed especially in trance that there is about one main melody a producer comes up with in the song and they change synths, as well as arp, gate, stutter and pad the main melody they come up with to get variety. I have noticed other types as well, but is it wrong to have different melodies in one song?

Ok, I will leave it at this for now. Thank you very much for reading and any help you can give.
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